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Want to learn more about Joopk? First and foremost, Joopk CMS was developed by a team of talented development professionals with a knack for all things code. What can we say, we love what we do. And on this page, we'll share our professional opinions with you. Check back often for advice on web development, HTML, search engine optimization (SEO), cascading style sheets (CSS) and more.

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Chances are, if you maintain and edit a website, you’ve heard of the phrase search engine optimization (SEO). If not, let me refresh your memory. SEO is the process of getting site traffic from a free or organic list on search engines, like Google or Bing. In honor of July 4th, here are four tips for effective SEO.

As a new entrepreneur or small business owner, you need to know who you are. More important, you need to share who you are and what makes your products and/or services unique with your audience. And while some people will say engaging your audience with social media is the most important thing for small businesses to do in today’s digital landscape, the truth is, nothing compares to building your online presence with a powerful, well-designed website that generates leads and revenue.

Once a static page to describe your company, your website is now a proven business tool that generates real dollars. Or at least that is what we all strive for, right? If your website is not generating viable sales leads for your business, chances are you missed the lesson on developing SEO-friendly content.

Joopk is PixelRazor’s proprietary website builder and content management system (CMS). Created in-house by our experienced and professional developers, Joopk is different from many of today’s popular CMS frameworks—Drupal, Joomla, WordPress—for a number of reasons.

A content management system (CMS) does exactly that. CMS is a software that allows you to create and maintain a website from the convenience of your web browser. The idea behind a CMS is that business owners won’t have to start with a blank screen of code. Instead, business owners will have the framework needed to edit and manipulate templates that fit their needs.

A good content management strategy can be a powerful tool for developing and reinforcing a brand. It can also distinguish you as an industry leader or a thought provoker. Start a blog, write genuine content, and don’t forget to include keywords. It’s as simple as that. And if you start to feel like you’re becoming too promotional you probably are. Take a step back and think of how you can be a fountain of information for your consumer. The sales and leads will take care of themselves.

If your website does not load quickly or lacks in overall performance you are significantly missing out when it comes to attracting new customers. Checking your website’s performance is easy—cheap, too. But if you’re not familiar with SEO or web standards, consult a professional. Because in today’s ever-changing digital landscape, nothing is worse than having a static, unproductive website.

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