Email Marketing

Whether you’re looking for a monthly newsletter or an extensive marketing campaign, Joopk has you covered. Joopk provides advanced email services that enable you to create, send, and track every email marketing campaign.

With advanced email services that enable you to create, send, and track every email marketing campaign, Joopk affordably and conveniently gives you the power to issue and launch your regular newsletter and targeted email marketing campaign.

  • Want so sign up subscribers directly from your website? We've got a control for that.
  • Need statistics to measure email marketing campaign effectives and email marketing ROI? We've got a control for that.
  • Want an easy to work with email and/or newsletter template? We've got a control for that.

In fact, email marketing and online newsletter design and distribution with Joopk is easier than every other email marketing service because it is integrated with and styled from your existing website. This means no more browsing through hundreds of themes looking for an email template or newsletter template that distantly reflects your brand identity. Your Joopk email template and newsletter template automatically mirrors your online brand identity.

Email Template and Newsletter Template Integration

Even if you're new to website design and management, here's a term you need to know: CSS (cascading style sheets). Great, easy-to-use websites rely on CSS to apply consistent appearance and formatting across the entire website structure. This is why a Joopk email template or newsletter template looks so amazing...because it is generated by the same CSS that generates the appearance of your Joopk CMS-powered website. What this means to website administrators, marketing communications professionals, and/or small business owners is that distributing branded emails and newsletters is as simple as creating a standard Word document. You write. You add images. The Joopk CMS framework does the styling. Not only is it convenient and easy, it's the most competitively priced email marketing service currently available.

"Before switching to Joopk, my safety consulting firm was paying more than $100/month to Constant Contact for email marketing and online event management. Now we're paying $17/month, and these services are seamlessly integrated into our website."

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