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FAQ's Answered By Our Team

Our collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ's) addresses many of the common questions asked by our customers about Joopk's Content Management System. If you do not see the answer or question that you are looking for, please send us an email or give us a call. Our helpful and knowlegable staff is always there to assist you.

Why should I choose Joopk CMS?

Joopk CMS framework was created by a team of professionals from several different professional backgrounds, all with years of experience in working with websites and customers. We know the difficulties and problems that can arise when using a framework that you are unfamiliar with or have little experience with. Joopk offers something different entirely. Joopk's CMS framework is user friendly with all the features that you have come to expect from a CMS framework. We have provided step-by-step instructions and training videos for all aspects of our framework.

Is the Joopk CMS framework SEO optimized?

Yes. Joopk CMS has the ability for the user to create their own page titles, meta descriptions and key words, all important for search engine optimization. Our CMS framework also has heading tags available in the creation wizard so that your page content is easily read by search engine browsers such as Google, Yahoo, Internet Explorer and Safari. To make your site even more search engine friendly, the Joopk CMS has made these options available on every page of your Joopk site, from blog posts to galleries allowing for your entire site to be SEO optimized.

Does Joopk CMS have blogs built in to the framework?

Aboslutely, in fact, Joopk CMS makes blogging easier than ever! Our blogs were designed with help and testing from several bloggers to make Joopk's blogging platform faster and more user friendly than any other blogging platform around! With Joopk's blogging platform, users have the ability to easily upload photos, define links, schedule posts and optimize tags. Another great feature of our blogging module is that you can update your blog from anywhere with no hassel and our blogs are SEO friendly!

Can I link my social media accounts to my Joopk website?

Yes. Joopk has made it simple to link your social media accounts to your website. We know how important social networking has become to businesses and brands. Joopk's CMS allows you full control over how your social feeds appear and link onto your new website. If you encounter problems with linking your social media accounts to your site, simply visit our video tutorials.

Can I call or email support if I have issues with the framework?

Absolutely! One of the great things about Joopk is our commitement to customer service. Our team of developers and customer service representatives are always available to help. No problem is ever too small or too large for our outstanding team! Simply send us an email with your Joopk issue in the subject line or give us a call. We will get you all sorted out as quick as we can.

Can I add Premium Controls to my free version of the Joopk CMS framework?

Yes. You can add as many Premium Controls to your website as you would like for an addition charge. Premium Controls are located in your Admin Navigation. Simply choose the control you would like and check out.

I have some ideas on how to improve the Joopk CMS framework, is there a place to submit them?

We love suggestions! We know the best way to continually improve the framework is to listen to what our customers and clients have to tell us. If you would like to submit and suggestion click the "Suggestion Box" link at the bottom of the page.

I need a website that allows me to sell products online, does Joopk CMS offer online stores?

Yes! E-Commerce is a premium control for the Joopk CMS. Joopk's Shopping Cart allows its users to upload unlimited products, categories and pages, all search engine optimized! Another great ability of the Joopk Shopping Cart is that the user has the power to make changes to their online store from anywhere with internet access!

I've never developed a website and have no experience with coding, can I still use the Joopk framework?

Yes. Joopk was created with all levels of users in mind! As a matter of fact, when Joopk was in developement we sent a version to our parents and they were able to create seamless and beautiful websites, quickly and with little frustration! Every aspect of our site has informational and help icons next to the item in question to make it easier for the user. Joopk’s intuitive platform makes it easy and fast for users—at any level—to build and manage a content-rich website.

What about hosting? Do I need to use a separate hosting service?

Joopk currently offers free hosting to any website with a domain name. We also offer hosting for top level domains for an additional cost.

Can I input my own code into the Joopk CMS framework?

Absolutely! Joopk currently allows it's users to input html, javascript, jQuery and CSS into their site. We love seeing creativity flourish!
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